Mission: To empower digital content creators around India and World.
Vision: "Empowering Blockchain-based art economy by building world's most creator-centric NFT Platform."

The Exclusive NFT Club for Indian Content Creators, Artists and NFT Collectors.

Launching Q2 2022. Join the waitlist to get early access.

NFT91 is the easiest way to get started with NFT.


Manish Shahi

Manish Shahi


Solidity, PHP, ME(Svelte)N Stack Developer

Rohit Patil

Rohit Patil


Solidity, Python, GO, MERN Stack Developer

This project will not be possible without PJ sir's unwavering and consistent support. Thank you so much for always being there for us.


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    Q1 2022

  • Deploy landing page
  • Social media accounts
  • Smart contracts In Progress
  • Whitepaper In Progress
  • Token In Progress
  • Deploy to Polygon's mainnet
  • Backend In Progress
  • Frontend In Progress
  • ICO

    Q2 2022

  • Marketplace launch
  • Allocating tokens to pre-registered users
  • DAO launch
  • Deploy to Shardeum's mainnet